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List building is an important part of building a successful business today. Whether the business is online or offline, brick and mortar or completely digital doesn’t matter. Every business needs to focus on list building to ensure they have an active and responsive audience that is building so that they can keep their business going and even somewhat predict their income as time moves forward.
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  • Jean Lanoue

    Jean Lanoue

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably the kind of entrepreneur I love to help: one who wants to grow, but is frustrated by all there is to do. If that’s you, let me show you how, through quick and simple daily actions, you can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt and generate exciting momentum that can help you grow the kind of business and life you love. I’ve done this myself, which is why I created Irresistible Solutions. In addition to this method of helping entrepreneurs, I built a 7-Figure Agency and have helped hundreds of others reach their goals, plus I’m a best-selling author, speaker, & consultant. And I have a ton of certifications - email, content marketing, inbound marketing and way too many to list. You would get bored. Let's just say I'm obsessed.

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Jeannie Levinson

"Novice To Expert"

Jeannie Levinson

Jean Lanoue is the go to authority on all things Digital Marketing. Her Irresistable Solutions Training Programs are the absolute best to take any small business or entrepreneur from novice to expert in building sales funnels, a social media presence and online marketing strategies that will immediately start producing an automated cash flow straight into their pockets."
Liz Wolfe

"My reach grew by 30%"

Liz Wolfe

My reach grew by 30% in 6 months after working with Jean. For years I had been putting my marketing together piecemeal, and this Jean brought it all together for me. I clarified who my “ideal” client is, gained a deeper understanding of what works to move people through a prospect funnel, and was able to utilize content I already had by organizing it appropriately into the funnel. I then was able to fill in the missing pieces based on what I learned. My marketing emails became more effective and I’ve seen my reach grow because of it. Jean’s knowledge is deep and her guidance is invaluable.
Michele Scism

"Increased Sales by 35%"

Michele Scism

"My Increased Sales by 35% by simply changing one thing after one conversation with Jean. She knows her stuff."